How We Work Our Magic


Want to know how we'll take care of your project? Here is how

Scope & Discovery

The first step involves researching and learning about your business. You talk and we listen! Gaining a thorough understanding of your business operation, objectives, competitors and target audiences, gives us an idea of your expectations & requirements, according to which, we can then provide you with personalized solutions.

Strategy & Planning

Once we have studied and discussed the aims of your business, our team begins the preliminary process of creating strategies. Depending on the service you choose, these would include wireframes & mockups (for design & development), basic website audit and keyword research (for SEO) and so on and so forth!

Execution & Integration

You always hold the reins of your project. Which means, you are at full liberty to suggest any changes/edits. We positively take your recommendations into consideration and make all necessary changes as required. We are very patient and don't move forward till you are 100% satisfied!

Review & Feedback

This is an integral part of our process strategy. We highly value transparency and to this end, urge our clients to provide review and feedback before the big launch or before we make changes on their existing website. This ensures that the clients are well-informed about our actions and can provide suggestions so that any issues are dealt with efficiently.

The Big Day. Launch!

This is the big day for all of us. Once the site or Applications is fully tested and tried, we make sure that it is launched successfully, without any hassles.

Post Launch Support

Just by launching the site is not the end of our service! We help you in maintaining your websites for an additional monthly fee, to keep them fresh and running at a very nominal charge. This service includes Daily Backups, Restore/Fix, 24/7 Site Monitoring, Security Enhancements, Monthly Site Optimization, Security Scan, DB Optimization, Monthly Reports etc. Already have a website? No problem get in touch.